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How contracts for commencement photography work

With the 2015 – 2106 academic year now underway, GradImages is already preparing for the winter and spring commencement seasons. This process starts with making sure the contracts we have with our client schools are up-to-date.  In order to help reduce confusion, below are some common questions about contracts for commencement photography:

contract for commencement photographyWhy are contracts for graduation photography necessary?

It's important for us to be able to accurately forecast our clients' needs for the busy graduation season and plan accordingly.  As seamless as our services may appear, the reality is that GradImages puts forth tremendous efforts to prepare for each ceremony.

From photographer training and equipment purchases to logistics like travel and shipping, our company will spend a significant amount of time and money preparing for your ceremony, long before your graduates cross the stage.  So a signed, executed contract is really the only way for us to know which clients are committed to having our photographers capture this special event, before those efforts are set in motion.

More than that, however, this agreement is your guarantee that GradImages will have in place the professional staff and resources needed to properly care for your graduates and their families on commencement day.

As a client of GradImages, what should I expect concerning contract renewal?

Your GradImages account manager should proactively reach out to you well in advance of your school’s contract expiration date. Our goal is for open and responsive communication. Renewal is often as simple as having an authorized representative from your institution sign and return the agreement by email, postal mail, or fax.

What if I’m not authorized to sign a service agreement for my school?

Because contracts represent an agreement between the school and our company, only personnel authorized to sign such an agreement should do so.

This is a common issue, particularly on the high school level where in some cases, even the school’s principal is not authorized to sign contracts but instead must defer to district administration. On college campuses, it’s not uncommon for many agreements to be subject to review by the institution’s Purchasing Department and/or Legal Department.

As a commencement coordinator, if you are not legally authorized to sign contracts for the services you need for your ceremony, simply let your GradImages’ account manager know who holds that authority.  We’ll be glad to work with that individual to complete this important process.

What if I have additional questions?

Commencement is the most important academic event at your school, and we are honored to be your photographer of choice for this very special day. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your GradImages account manager or regional field manager for any reason. They are here to serve you, and welcome any questions you may have.

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