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When tassels should be turned at commencement

While tassels are normally moved from right to left once graduates receive their diplomas on stage, there are important considerations to be made with respect to handshake photographs.

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Differences between photographic paper finishes

Brief overview of the four primary finishes available for print photographs, and what GradImages offers to its customers.

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How photo proofs from commencement are sent

How GradImages accurately identify images from a graduation ceremony and distributes photo proofs to graduates as quickly as possible.

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How to remember students who have passed away

Read about four things your school can do at commencement to memorialize students who have passed away during the school year.

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How clothing can cause problems with green screens

Learn how the clothing and regalia worn at commencement can cause significant problems with green screen photography.

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The appropriate length of a commencement ceremony

The purpose of commencement is to honor your graduates and their accomplishments. In this two-part series, we'll examine best practices for managing the length of a commencement ceremony.

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When to have students complete address cards

Graduate address cards are the best method for ensuring quick and accurate photo proof delivery following commencement.

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6 ways to discourage graduates from leaving early

Suggestions for how to discourage graduates from leaving a commencement ceremony early

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An overview of cap & gown portraits at grad fair

A look at the what students experience while having cap & gown portraits taken by GradImages at their school's grad fair

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How USF handled selfie pictures at commencement

The University of South Florida had a clever but effective way to prevent graduates from taking selfie pictures on stage with the University President.

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With all you've done to prepare for your school's commencement, ask yourself...
  • Before a Graduation Ceremony
    Which photographer would my graduates and their families choose for themselves?  And what would I expect if my own son or daughter were about to walk out onto this floor?