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Friends and Family Cards Help Locate Commencement Photos

Immediately after a graduation ceremony has concluded, GradImages is hard at work uploading images, compiling data, and matching graduates with their photos. While the rush is on to deliver commencement proofs as quickly as possible, ensuring we have accurate address information for each graduate is no easy feat.

If your school is a client of GradImages, then you’ve likely heard why graduate addresses are so important, and what methods we use to collect this information. (In fact, we have a article about that very topic – click here to read.)

We know through surveys that 96% of graduates want a professional photographer at their commencement. As such, our responsibility to graduates and their families is to do everything we can to deliver photo proofs from this special event in a timely manner. However, even with our best efforts to ensure we connect with every family…

  • Some emails will be ignored or caught in junk folders.
  • Some schools simply will not include a link on their commencement web page showing families where they can pre-register before the ceremony, or locate their proofs afterwards, on our website.
  • Some paper proofs will unfortunately be lost in the mail, or returned as undeliverable.
  • Some text message notifications will be blocked.

Information_Cards_SmallIn an effort to reach every family, GradImages is now actively distributing Friends and Family Cards at select commencements. (Click here for a larger view.)  These are the size of standard business cards, and easily fit within a wallet or purse. Each card contains information about when ceremony proofs will be online, along with a website and QR code to help locate images.  These are for the recipients to keep and take home.

The distribution of these cards is quite simple. At our expense, and using our staff, these cards can be handed out as people are coming into or leaving the venue. They can also be distributed down spectator aisles shortly before the ceremony begins.

Friends and Family Cards have proven to be an excellent way to ensure every family has access to their graduate’s images. “Connecting the dots” to the photographers on the ceremony floor, parents appreciate knowing exactly how they will be able to find those once-in-a-lifetime images. Not to mention, they help reduce the number of calls to the school after the ceremony inquiring about commencement photos.

The positive results from these cards have been significant so far.  The feedback we've received from our client schools where these cards have been distributed indicates they appreciate the extra effort being taken to reach every family, particularly since email and postal mail delivery can occasionally be unpredictable.

If you are a GradImages client with questions about using Friends and Family Cards at your ceremony, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or local field manager.