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7 considerations to make before selling premium seats at commencement

Is it appropriate to charge parents and spectators for “premium seating” at commencement? This has been happening for a few years, though is not yet a widespread trend. Before we dive into this topic, we first need to establish that there are two types of premium seats. The first is based on comfort, and the second is based on vantage point. One has a remarkably different stigma attached to it than the other.

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A look inside GradImages' photographer training

This weekend, April 24th and 25th, GradImages will conclude the last of this spring's photographer training workshops, which started in late March.  This purpose of this training is to provide our photographers with hands-on recurrent instruction, discuss new policies & procedures, reinforce best-practices, and of course to share ideas.

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A inside look at the GradImages Equipment Department

If you ever have a chance to visit GradImages’ headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida, one of the most impressive sights you’ll see is our Equipment Department.  Row after row of steel shelving lines this massive room, which is home to more than:

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Have a staff group photograph taken before your next commencement

As an event coordinator, you and your staff spend months preparing for commencement. You work hard to ensure everything is ready for the big day, and you rely on the dedication of your staff and volunteers to make each ceremony a success. At the end of graduation day, it is just as much of an accomplishment for those who make the graduation possible as it is for the graduates themselves.

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How the Procurement Process Affects Commencements

At a large and growing number of schools, procurement departments now play an important role in commencement preparations. As a graduation professional, it’s important to be familiar with the procurement process at your institution and be actively engaged when products or services needed for your ceremonies are subject to competitive bidding.

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Considerations for two lines of graduates at commencement

The majority of commencements across North America have graduates crossing the stage in only one direction, either right-to-left or left-to-right.  When commencement professionals talk about a ceremony having two lines, they are referring to a process by which graduates approach and cross the stage from two different directions simultaneously.  (The word "simultaneously" is important.)

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GradImages is already preparing for your next graduation

Welcome BackWith most schools now back in session, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the commencement season that is now behind us, and look ahead to the 2014-2015 academic year. It was an exciting summer at GradImages, and we are very grateful for the event coordinators at our client schools who made everything happen. What we do would not be possible without your hard work!

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Avoid background distractions in commencement handshake photographs

As a commencement coordinator, you know that stage layout at your ceremony is normally planned well in advance. In fact, at most institutions, how elements are arranged on the ceremony stage rarely changes from year to year. As such, there is more than enough time to consider one important element of stage layout that is often ignored: the background behind your graduates’ handshake photographs.

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Video highlight packages offered by GradImages at select ceremonies

New in 2014, GradImages is proud to offer video highlight packages for selected schools and universities. This video is customized for each graduate, featuring his or her own individual recognition on stage. Combined with visual and audio highlights from the ceremony, each video is between 60-90 seconds long, and creates a powerful, lasting memory of this special event.

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How the Univ. of South Florida handled selfie pictures at commencement

The University of South Florida in Tampa recently made headlines by prohibiting graduates from taking “selfie” pictures while being individually recognized on stage during commencement. Making a similar announcement was Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Both institutions are valued clients of GradImages, so this story certainly caught our attention.

Selfie picture taken at graduationCommencement policies are generally not newsworthy. However, this made national headlines because it highlights a shifting sense of appropriateness among a generation who grew up with mobile technology. For a dignified event like commencement, administrators are frustrated because common etiquette and well-established behavioral norms now seem to evade a growing number of individuals to the point where a directive like this has become necessary.

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