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A message from the GradImages President

As I reflect back on my 28 years in the business of capturing graduates’ accomplishments, I think about how things have changed. Commencements have gotten larger and the expectations of the parents and graduates are higher. Film based cameras are a thing of the past, and technology has pushed the industry to faster turnaround times and enhanced images. Today, all images are viewed digitally, many on mobile devices.

Even with all those changes, one thing has stood the test of time: the genuine smile, sense of accomplishment and personal pride when a graduate hears his/her name and walks across the stage to shake the hand of the president or dean. It is their “One Moment in Time.”

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How technology sets GradImages apart

While almost anyone can now take good photographs with a digital camera at a graduation, the question of most concern to event organizers becomes which photo company can most easily and effectively make those images available to my graduates and their families?  GradImages has the resources of a national company to provide, by far, the best post-graduation experience for graduates and their families, as well as, promoting an on-going relationship with the school, starting with the delivery of graduation images.

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When model releases are required for commencement PR images

If you are a GradImages client, we are pleased to provide complimentary copies of all public relations (PR) images taken at your commencements.  Click here to read more and view sample PR images. While these images are useful for a variety of applications, it is important to understand that a signed model release may be needed from the people in the image before it may be used in certain circumstances.

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An overview of public relations photography at commencement

Public relations (PR) photographs are candid, fun, memorable pictures taken before, during, and after a commencement ceremony. Photographers have more flexibility and artistic discretion when taking PR images than they do taking ceremony images, such as handshake photographs. They enjoy exploring the creative side of their job to help capture the true spirit and emotion of graduation.

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Why your graduates' addresses are important

Postal mail, email, and text message are all ways GradImages can provide graduates with access to their proofs from commencement and student portrait events. However, without the ability to acquire address information, proofs cannot be delivered. Consequently, without the ability to deliver proofs, the vast majority of graduates and their families will never see their images from these special events.

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How school trademark licensing can affect graduation photography

Many colleges and universities place restrictions on third parties that sell products with the school’s logos or trademarks.  For example, if a company produces apparel with the logo of a university, there are normally licensing and approval requirements that must first be satisfied.  Additionally, fees and royalties are often paid back to the school as part of the agreement.  To facilitate the process, colleges and universities may contract with firms such as Collegiate Licensing Company to manage the licensing process, and account for revenue generated from external use of their institution’s brand.

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An overview of ceremony portraits taken at commencement

A ceremony portrait is a posed photograph taken of each graduate during commencement. Typically, these images are taken as graduates approach or depart the stage.

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When tassels should be turned at commencement

At commencement, tassels are traditionally worn on the right side of the cap and then moved to the left once graduates receive their diplomas.  Some institutions ask graduates turn their tassels in unison, while others permit graduates to turn their tassels individually.  However, there's another factor to consider.

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An overview of commencement photography services by GradImages

Each year, thousands of schools across the United States and Canada rely on GradImages to capture memories for almost two million graduates.  We are honored to be the most trusted name in commencement photography.

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Why a handshake photographer's position really matters at commencement

In three previous articles, we have discussed the best position for a photographer while taking handshake pictures of graduates being individually recognized on stage.

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