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How GradRoll can display graduate names at commencement

GradRoll Video Name Display SystemGradImages has a new, proprietary system called GradRoll that can display graduates' names on the venue's video display systems as each person is recognized on stage. Here's the way our system works:

  1. In advance of each ceremony, the school provides our company with a list of names of all students who are candidates for graduation. (We can also display additional information if desired, such as degree or honors.)1. Reader Card
  2. GradImages works with your institution to print a unique QR code (two-dimensional barcode) on each graduate's reader card.  (We can print these cards on behalf of the University at no cost, or simply provide the barcode data if your institution would rather print its own cards.)
  3. At commencement, as each graduate approaches the stage, his/her QR code is scanned using a hand-held scanner, which places that graduate's name in the correct sequence, and queues it for display on the video systems.  Card scanning does not interfere with the flow of graduates or the pace of the ceremony.
  4. Once the graduate enters the video camera's field of view to shake hands with the presenter, a staff member simply advances the system to display his/her name on the video screens.

GradRoll works with Windows-based computers, and does not require an internet connection at the venue. It utilizes a common HDMI video output, which A/V staff will appreciate for its easy integration with the venue's video system.  Additionally, GradRoll can gracefully handle instances where a graduate may approach the stage without his or her reader card.

For additional information about GradRoll at your ceremony, please contact us today!

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