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How GradRoll can display graduate names at commencement

GradRoll is GradImages’ proprietary system that
allows you to display personalized information as
each of your graduates are recognized on
stage. With GradRoll, a banner is overlaid on top of
the video feed displaying your school’s logo, the
graduate’s name and their degree information or
honors received. This creates a more personalized
experience for the graduate and the audience.
GradRoll can also simplify the tasks of registering
graduates for a particular ceremony. It
produces a personalized barcoded reader card
making event day operations such as check-in and last-minute additions or changes seamless. Here's the way our system works:

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How technology sets GradImages apart

While almost anyone can now take good photographs with a digital camera at a graduation, the question of most concern to event organizers becomes which photo company can most easily and effectively make those images available to my graduates and their families?  GradImages has the resources of a national company to provide, by far, the best post-graduation experience for graduates and their families, as well as, promoting an on-going relationship with the school, starting with the delivery of graduation images.

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3 benefits of GradImages' pre-registration

Pre-registration is a quick step that your graduates should be encouraged to take before commencement.  By completing a short online form, graduates (and family members) can provide their own email address directly to GradImages, which ensures timely delivery of their photo proofs after the ceremony.  This can be done by visiting:

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How photo proofs from commencement are quickly sent

With graduates and their families, there’s an inherent expectation that photo proofs from their graduation ceremony will be available online almost immediately after the ceremony. After all, with today’s technology, we live in a world of near-instant gratification.

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How clothing can cause problems with green screens at commencement

Green screen technology is ideally suited for a studio environment, where the photographer has precise control over the individual(s) being photographed and their clothing, and where there are no constraints on the amount of time it takes to capture each image.

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