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An overview of cap & gown portraits at grad fairs

 Each year, GradImages takes cap & gown pictures at hundreds of events across North America. If you’re a graduating senior who will be attending your school’s upcoming grad fair, here’s what you can expect in the way of our portrait services.

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It's time for a social media cleanup

It is very common for a company looking to hire someone to call his or her references for more information. There is a new reference many people might not consider but companies are taking full advantage of this source now. That reference is social media. In 2012, CareerBuilder estimated 37% of companies used social media to screen applicants. However, a more recent survey by MediaBistro reported significantly higher percentages, which perhaps indicates a rapid trend among hiring managers.

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How technology sets GradImages apart

While almost anyone can now take good photographs with a digital camera at a graduation, the question of most concern to event organizers becomes which photo company can most easily and effectively make those images available to my graduates and their families?  GradImages has the resources of a national company to provide, by far, the best post-graduation experience for graduates and their families, as well as, promoting an on-going relationship with the school, starting with the delivery of graduation images.

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How school trademark licensing can affect graduation photography

Many colleges and universities place restrictions on third parties that sell products with the school’s logos or trademarks.  For example, if a company produces apparel with the logo of a university, there are normally licensing and approval requirements that must first be satisfied.  Additionally, fees and royalties are often paid back to the school as part of the agreement.  To facilitate the process, colleges and universities may contract with firms such as Collegiate Licensing Company to manage the licensing process, and account for revenue generated from external use of their institution’s brand.

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