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How GradRoll can display graduate names at commencement

GradRoll is GradImages’ proprietary system that
allows you to display personalized information as
each of your graduates are recognized on
stage. With GradRoll, a banner is overlaid on top of
the video feed displaying your school’s logo, the
graduate’s name and their degree information or
honors received. This creates a more personalized
experience for the graduate and the audience.
GradRoll can also simplify the tasks of registering
graduates for a particular ceremony. It
produces a personalized barcoded reader card
making event day operations such as check-in and last-minute additions or changes seamless. Here's the way our system works:

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GradImages Solutions for Non-Traditional Ceremonies


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Graduation Ceremonies in COVID-19

With the proper precautions, graduations can be executed safely during these times.

At GradImages, we’ve spoken with hundreds of commencement coordinators since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While most traditional events since mid-March have been cancelled, the conversation is shifting as states begin to move through the phases of reopening.  We are hearing less about cancellations and virtual-only options and more about looking at what can be done to give students the most complete commencement experience possible while remaining safe and socially distant. The solution for every institution will differ based on a number of variables, but we would like to present a few success stories from recent ceremonies our clients have hosted.

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How close-up photos work at commencement

At commencement, offering close-up photographs is a great way to provide additional photo options to your graduates and their families.

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