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The proper attire for commencement ceremony staff

Commencement is a distinctive occasion.  Graduates will normally be dressed in caps and gowns, as will faculty in many institutions.  However, for individuals not wearing graduation regalia but with a visible role on the ceremony floor, conventional wisdom dictates that they be wearing conservative, professional business attire.  It's a sign of respect to the graduates, their families, the school, and the dignity of the event.

GradImages' Commencement Staff

At GradImages, our photographers and event assistants will always adhere to this professional standard at every commencement ceremony.  Our male staff members are expected to wear a matching dark gray, navy, or black suit with a dress shirt and tie, along with dress shoes.  Our female staff members will be wearing either a dark pant suit or skirted suit with matching closed-toe, low-heeled shoes.  Jewelry and makeup will be light and tasteful.

All GradImages event staff members are trained to be mindful of their surroundings, respectful of the ceremony, maintain a low profile, and to not draw attention to themselves.

If you are a GradImages client, and would prefer our photographers wear something other than dark professional attire to your ceremony, simply let your account manager know.  Some schools, for example, prefer the photographer on stage to be wearing a graduation gown over their clothing.  Other schools, however, may need the photographers to wear different types of clothing so as not to stand out against the rest of the ceremony participants.

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