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An overview of public relations photography at commencement

Public relations (PR) photographs are candid, fun, memorable pictures taken before, during, and after a commencement ceremony. Photographers have more flexibility and artistic discretion when taking PR images than they do taking ceremony images, such as handshake photographs. They enjoy exploring the creative side of their job to help capture the true spirit and emotion of graduation.

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GradImages Clients

If you are a GradImages client with special requests for public relations images at an upcoming ceremony, please let your account manager or field manager know. By default, our photographers will capture PR images of speakers, dignitaries recognized on stage, awards recipients, and other special moments during the ceremony. It is our privilege to honor any additional requests you may have.

Copies of individual PR images from your ceremony can be downloaded through your client portal. These images are typically available 48-72 hours following your event. Additionally, we are happy to compile all PR images onto a CD and ship that directly to you. There is never any cost for this service.

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