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How contracts for commencement photography work

With the 2015 – 2106 academic year now underway, GradImages is already preparing for the winter and spring commencement seasons. This process starts with making sure the contracts we have with our client schools are up-to-date.  In order to help reduce confusion, below are some common questions about contracts for commencement photography:

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How the Procurement Process Affects Commencements

At a large and growing number of schools, procurement departments now play an important role in commencement preparations. As a graduation professional, it’s important to be familiar with the procurement process at your institution and be actively engaged when products or services needed for your ceremonies are subject to competitive bidding.

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When model releases are required for commencement PR images

If you are a GradImages client, we are pleased to provide complimentary copies of all public relations (PR) images taken at your commencements.  Click here to read more and view sample PR images. While these images are useful for a variety of applications, it is important to understand that a signed model release may be needed from the people in the image before it may be used in certain circumstances.

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How FERPA permits schools to release directory information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is U.S. federal law that provides guidelines to the rights and privacy of students’ and their education records. It defines what information a school may or may not release of its current or former students. Additionally, it outlines parental rights for students under the age of 18 attending non-postsecondary institutions. The law applies to all schools receiving funds under applicable U.S. Department of Education programs, which includes the majority of schools in the United States.

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How school trademark licensing can affect graduation photography

Many colleges and universities place restrictions on third parties that sell products with the school’s logos or trademarks.  For example, if a company produces apparel with the logo of a university, there are normally licensing and approval requirements that must first be satisfied.  Additionally, fees and royalties are often paid back to the school as part of the agreement.  To facilitate the process, colleges and universities may contract with firms such as Collegiate Licensing Company to manage the licensing process, and account for revenue generated from external use of their institution’s brand.

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