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When to have students complete graduate address cards

The ability to quickly send commencement photos to your graduates and their families requires accurate, up-to-date address information.  The best way to ensure that is to have graduates fill out their own address cards before the ceremony.

Of the thousands of commencements we photograph each year, more than 75% utilize some type of address card completed by the student.  Most of these also double as reader cards during the ceremony.  Event coordinators have three key opportunities to have graduates complete these address cards:

  1. During graduation registration.  If graduates are required to apply for graduation in person, they can complete an address card at this time. The completed card can then be picked up by the graduate at the ceremony during check-in.
  2. As graduates arrive at the ceremony venue.  Graduates can complete their address card in the check-in area. Most graduates arrive 30 minutes to an hour before the ceremony, leaving ample time to complete their card.

  3. While graduates are in their seats. Graduates can complete their card while waiting in their seats for the ceremony to begin. By providing the graduate with an activity, it helps make the wait time feel shorter.

Graduates-Filling-Out-Address-Cards-03 Graduates-Filling-Out-Address-Cards-02 Graduates-Filling-Out-Address-Cards-0028    

Our team of commencement photographers will provide graduates with pencils to ensure that all fields have been completed on the card. In addition, graduate address cards can be provided by GradImages at no cost to the school.  These cards will help expedite the image identification and proof delivery process.

Privacy Guarantee

If you are a GradImages client, please remember that our company values graduates’ privacy and will keep all address information confidential, at all times. Under no circumstances is their information ever shared, sold, or distributed to a third-party. Addresses are only used for the purposes of delivering commencement photography proofs from the event to students and their families, as well as occasional reminders and special offer promotions. Our company is fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act, and immediately honors opt-out requests via email and text message.

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