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How GradImages concludes each graduation season

Each summer, GradImages holds a workshop for our account managers and regional field managers to review the spring graduation season, share ideas, and beginning planning for the coming school year. This summer’s meeting was held at the end of July, when our team members from across the country came together to meet in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia.

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A look into all-inclusive photography contracts for schools

When a school enters into an “all-inclusive” agreement for photography services, this typically means one (and only one) photographer has been retained for all pictures at that institution, regardless of the event type. This arrangement is most often seen at middle schools and high schools, where the photographer could be asked to capture everything from marching band pictures to prom portraits.

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An overview of cap & gown portraits at grad fairs

 Each year, GradImages takes cap & gown pictures at hundreds of events across North America. If you’re a graduating senior who will be attending your school’s upcoming grad fair, here’s what you can expect in the way of our portrait services.

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A look inside the GradImages Printing Department

While email, text messages, and even social media posts are valuable tools to help distribute photo proofs from commencement as quickly as possible, paper proofs continue to be quite important to both graduates and their families.

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How photo proofs from commencement are quickly sent

With graduates and their families, there’s an inherent expectation that photo proofs from their graduation ceremony will be available online almost immediately after the ceremony. After all, with today’s technology, we live in a world of near-instant gratification.

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A Busy Day at the GradImages' Office in Tallahassee

On Tuesday, hundreds of packages arrived at the GradImages office in Tallahassee, Florida following one of the busiest weekends of our spring graduation season. It took two UPS employees a full hour to scan and offload approximately 500 parcels.

When to have students complete graduate address cards

The ability to quickly send commencement photos to your graduates and their families requires accurate, up-to-date address information.  The best way to ensure that is to have graduates fill out their own address cards before the ceremony.

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7 considerations to make before selling premium seats at commencement

Is it appropriate to charge parents and spectators for “premium seating” at commencement? This has been happening for a few years, though is not yet a widespread trend. Before we dive into this topic, we first need to establish that there are two types of premium seats. The first is based on comfort, and the second is based on vantage point. One has a remarkably different stigma attached to it than the other.

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A look inside GradImages' photographer training

This weekend, April 24th and 25th, GradImages will conclude the last of this spring's photographer training workshops, which started in late March.  This purpose of this training is to provide our photographers with hands-on recurrent instruction, discuss new policies & procedures, reinforce best-practices, and of course to share ideas.

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GradImages team helps raise money for textbook scholarships

For the last seven years, the 49er Shops Bookstore at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) has hosted a charity event called Bowling for Books.  GradImages is proud to have sponsored a team in this year's tournament, held on April 17, 2015.  Proceeds from this event topped $73,000, and will be used for textbook scholarships for CSULB students.

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